ORX 22

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XP ORX with 22.5 cm double-D high frequency search coil

The new XP detector ORX takes care of some of the core pieces of his big brother the XP Deus and comes with a newly designed user interface. The designers of this excellent detector focused on simple operation, high search performance and unique, low weight. The user interface is very tidy, clearly arranged and logical, so that the operation can be almost instinctive. With its sensational 770g, the ORX is a lightweight and currently the lightest detector on the detector market. Thanks to its braces on the upper part of the frame and the middle frame made of aviation high-tech aluminium, the ORX is at the same time extremely robust.

The small parts sensitivity on targets, such as coins / relics / gold convince the professional viewfinder. The fast response times guarantee optimal separation of foundations in iron-contaminated soils, as they are often found in old settlements, and provide correspondingly high detection rates - even where other detectors get out. The HF coil technology detects stable even on difficult to detect floors and even under high voltage lines almost without interference.

Ultralight and robust - the new S telescope pole LITE. Thanks to the S shape of the rod, a particularly comfortable swivel is possible. The XP ORX can be set up and taken down in seconds using the quick release fasteners.

The ORX is a completely wireless detector with patented wireless connection to the search coil. The signal analysis is carried out directly in the search coil, thus a considerably better processing quality of the signals as other conventional detectors allow. The new receiver wireless headphone system (optional purchase) is designed as a comfortable neckband headphones. It sits lightly on the ears, the strap behind the neck.

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