Deus X35 28 RC WS5 V5.2 Complete Set

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XP DEUS X35 28 RC WS5 V5.2 Complete Set

The new Deus V5.2 + 35 frequencies + more depth with BOOST function + more small parts sensitivity and much more

The fifth Deus (R) Evolution is just fun, because the operation of the DEUS remains simple and logical. You can simply choose one of the default 10 works and start the search. Due to its pre-set work programs, the DEUS is also very well suited for beginners - at the same time as its expert menus, it also offers the experienced probe user unique performance and enormous flexibility.

The ten preset factory programs of virtually all XP detectors and give the user almost unlimited applications.

  1. Deus Basic
  2. Goldmaxx Power
  3. Deus Fast
  4. Pitch
  5. G-Maxx
  6. Deep
  7. Wet Beach
  8. Dry Beach
  9. Hot
  10. Gold field

+ 8 storable user programs

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