Vega NX

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Next generation of metal detectors

Extremely powerful and functional software at the same time, with a simple and multilingual interface, has made exploration a banal and comprehensible task for everyone. The only Pearls software that can be used in 4 modes of measurement is instantaneous scans and search scans and instant linear scans and instant error scans. Intelligent Repeatability and Ultimate Environment Scan Analysis provides you with a precise analytical environment by scanning again, eliminating noise and error, giving you the most accurate environment scan so you can easily be a treasure hunter.

Packing List:

  • High-performance structural base version for small-scale measurement
  • The tablet comes pre-installed with 3D software
  • 90 cm vertical sensor
  • Dongle with the ability to receive sensor information and transfer to software
  • Charger with Specifications 5 V- 1000 mAh and 50/60 HZ- 220 V- 110v Input
  • Neck holder for tablet installation
  • Carrying case for sensor
  • Wireless or Bluetooth headphones
  • Power converter - with input and output of all electrical systems in the world
  • Manuals
  • Garnet card

>>All information as per manufacturer<<