TVPI Professional

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TERO VIDO TVPI Professional
Tero Vido has always tried to develop a metal detector that is different from the metal detectors of other companies, so Tero Vido came up with a metal detector known as the TVPI series, which is a metal detector with the Better pulse induction system. This metal detector can be used for a variety of things like metal searching, gold searching or any other metal.
The Tero vido TVPI series is a detector with unique characteristics whose operating voltage is 3.6V. Speaking of the search coil, the size of the Tero Vido TVPI series coil is 35 inches, and the coil with this size is able to find even the smallest targets easily in the most demanding areas. The ground balance of the Tero Vido TVPI series is automatic, which makes this metal detector easy to use.
The Tero Vido TVPI series allows you to eliminate interference on the ground so that the target can be easily identified. Its improved technology even eliminates interference from power lines and the precise position of the lens can be easily identified even at great depths.
  • New Technology Developed: Metal discrimination, metal classifications and automatic soil balance make this device an easy-to-use and professional location system, which can confirm and reveal objectives by offering a 3D image of the objective.

  • Multi Detection System: A sophisticated and reliable search technology, combined with specially developed software that will help you locate holes and underground tunnels, cables and pipes, as well as metal objects, coins, precious metals such as gold or silver, treasures and geological anomalies .

  • Treasure Hunt: One thing that makes the Tero Vido system quite special, in addition to the exact location, is deep soil penetration. Depending on the size of the object, significant depths of up to 12m can be reached.

Packing list:
  • Control Unit
  • TVPI 3D Software for Android, IOS and Windows
  • Rigid Complete Shaft with Armrest
  • Wireless Headphones
  • 15" Search Coil
  • 35" Search Coil
  • AC Adapter
  • Warranty and Manual
  • Pelican case

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