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This sleek and well designed Electroscope is a fantastic scouting tool used to locate an area of interest for treasure hunters and prospectors. The Pro-Spector has separate gold or silver settings and digital tuning to adjust for optimum tuning with large, visible, numbers on the LCD screen, providing the user with a more intense attraction to the desired material in the field. The LCD is backlit for low-light conditions for better customer visibility. The ten turn tuning knob is very precise and when the user finds that setting on either gold or silver, they can be confident to start scouting and treasure hunting. The antenna system also becomes a tuning mechanism with the Pro-Spector as adjusting the antenna length in conjunction with the tuning knob setting will provide the most accurate tuning. The 9-volt alkaline battery life is monitored with a battery icon on the LCD. Cover more ground and save precious time with a Pro-Spector.
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