Great S2

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GRT Great S2
GRT offers a detector with 2 search mode as well as depth detection of up to 15 underground.
Device Features:
  • 2 Search systems
  • Prospecting to suit all uses whether you are a professional or an amateur
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Not affected by external factors
The device has many advantages to detect backward targets with ease, such as:
  • Gold ore
  • Precious metals
  • Blanks
  • Ancient treasures
Search Systems:
  • System 1: Ground Survey System 3D
  • System 2: Discrimination between metals
Parts and components:
  • The Main Unit
  • Sensitive Circuit
  • Connection Circuit
  • Usb Output
  • Audio Output
  • Power Button
  • Tablet Support
  • Hand Shake
  • Scan Button
  • Super Sensor
  • The Charger
  • Tablet
  • Headphones
>>All information as per manufacturer<<