Gold Star 3D Scanner

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Gold Star 3D Scanner is a first entry in a new set of professional metal detectors from Mega Detection that brings a new detection technologies, powerful new tools and more reliable results.Gold Star 3D Scanner offers professional treasure hunters, gold seekers, archaeologists and even mining companies a most complete set of tools with completely new technologies such as M.G.S, I.M.T.U, VST and more, integrated into 8 search systems for all metal detection applications.Mega Detection, through Gold Star 3D Scanner, brings a practical and professional device that combines ease of use, on-screen 2D visualization, 3D visualization on bundled Android tablet, a comfortable work experience, and a modern multilingual device software with smooth and visual experience in choosing and adjusting all detection settings and options.

Device Features

  • An integrated multi-functional device that combines a professional metal detector and a 3D ground scanner with high-quality performance in all terrain and accurate, reliable results.
  • Modern and practical design that combines light weight and aesthetics of look and suitability for long real-life use in the search fields and made of high-quality materials, which provides the user with a comfortable user experience.
  • 8 different search systems with latest developments in the field of metal detection technologies with wide options to adjust search settings to suit various factors such as the ground soil type, the terrain, the purpose of the search, metal type and metal of buried targets.
  • A completely new patented 3D ground scanning technology via Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S) probe that guarantee more accurate results through larger coverage and visual representation of scanning data on device’s screen or on a tablet computer.
  • Advanced 3D analysis app installed on bundled Android tablet, provides the prospector with great capabilities to analyze the results of the 3D ground scan visually through integrated tools through which user can know the type of metal – exact location or position – the accurate depth of potential targets.
  • New and improved long-range metal detection technology that includes performance improvements, a wider scanning field up to 3000 m and more depths up to 50 meters with new tools and options to adjust scan process.
  • An integrated feedback system that combines sound via audio tones, light via V.S.T LED Bars and visualization on screen or tablet to provide the prospector with a comprehensive view of the potential discovered targets and complete information about them.
  • A high-definition color LCD screen with a relatively large size (5 inch) that ensures easy to adjust settings, read numbers clearly and see results visually comfortably.
  • Gold Star 3D Scanner has modern easy to use program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, allowing easy adjustment of search settings, selection of search systems and search programs, adjusting distances and depths, and viewing results visually.
  • Gold Star 3D Scanner is operated via an external lithium-ion battery located in a distinctive designed box, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of use depending on the system used for search and other factors.

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