Gold Line

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MWF Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector
Gold detection system with sound results and optical vibration. 
The Gold Line Long Distance Metal Detector is one of our advanced gold detectors, the result of extensive field testing that lasted more than three years. The Gold Line geolocator works with a long-range Ionic search system to detect and search the field for underground gold.
The device provides the user with reliable sound results in the direction of the target, and that by increasing the acoustic levels and LED indicators bring him closer to the treasure.
The Gold Line detector is characterized by the speed of response to those targets above other devices operating with the same system, because it has a large capacity in the electronic focus, location of the target detection, and guides the user to the center of the target with the least effort and time.
The capacity of the Long Range Gold Line is 12 meters deep and 50 meters away, to find great treasures that have been buried for many years.
  • On/Off button
  • Ground Calibration Button
  • Volume level control button
  • LED search indicator and signal, consists of nine levels
  • LED indicator of battery levels, and consists of 3 levels that shows the battery level
The device is able to provide the following:
  • Interactive LED indicator, interacts upward each time it approaches the center of the golden point
  • Interactive sound indicator interacts upward each time you approach the center of the golden spot
  • Vibration system. Optional, so the user can run the vibration alarm to signal the center of gold
  • Laser tracking feature, search for a destination point at night
  • High quality and accurate performance, manufacturing this product with the best electronic components and circuits with international standards
  • Easy to work with and anyone detectorist can use it
 Packing list:
  • The main control unit
  • Ion sensor unit
  • Charger
  • Device bag
  • 3-year warranty certificate
  • User guide.
  • DVD tutorial
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