Fresh Result 2

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Fresh Result 2

The Fresh Result locator of 2 Plus systems has a geological and long-range system, is the first detector in the world to detect underwater that combines state-of-the-art technology and high discrimination.

Select the type of water in which you will work (fresh, salty or natural) and at the same time, this new apparatus will combine in the same way the possibility of working in earth (sand, clay, rock or a combination of all).


This system of high precision and excellence determine the location within a very far distance.

By locating the target, the user can move target uncovered, confining a very large area.

The device works in four languages (German - English - French - Arabic).
When the device is running, you can choose one of the languages and determine the front range.


Added in this system a lot of new innovative technologies specific. It explores all soil layers at a depth of up to 1200 meters and shows the results on the high-precision color screen, plus shows the water depth and type of water (fresh - salty - Natural).

The device is characterized by the automatic soil balancing system, ensuring that the user does not waste time adjusting the type of soil in which he works.

Technical Specifications for Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus:

  • Small size and easy to use.
  • High-precision 4.3-inch sized color display showing full search data.
  • The depth of the device is 1200 meters.
  • Possibility of identifying the depth of the target subway.
  • Length of up to 2500 meters that identifies the type of water.
  • The device works in four languages: German, English, French, Arabic.
  • Certificate of origin and guarantee for two years from the date of purchase, device first-class German industry.
  • Total weight of the device (11 kg).
  • The device adjusts to all circumstances and different terrains.

BT144 Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have more charging capacity than any other similar battery.

It consists of:

  • A group of cylindrical lithium-ion cells.
  • A multi-property circuit to protect and read lithium cells.
  • A USB port to charge compatible devices such as mobile phone and tablet.
  • A test button to know the percentage of charge of the battery.
The moment the battery is discharged below 25% it will emit an intermittent beep. When you hear a continuous beep, it means that the battery is completely dead.
We have several versions of the BT144 lithium-ion battery:
  • First: at 10.8 volt, 2500 milliampere battery.
  • Second: a battery of 10.8 volts and 5000 milliamps.

Parts and Components for Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus:

  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Main unit.
  • Ergonomic handle for hand use
  • Signal Enhancer
  • Signal probes
  • Sensory Cables
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • 3 antennas

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