Deus X35 22 RC

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XP Deus X35 is an excellently equipped professional metal detector without headphones!

It is a truly worthwhile kit with excellent search characteristics at a really attractive price. This metal detector is ideal for detecting large, medium and small ferrous targets, various modern and antique coins, gold and other artefacts.

Its design is featured by a lightweight telescopic stem, a semi-rigid armrest and two wireless control modules in the form of a compact control box and a universal new X35 series DD 22.5 cm search coil. In contrast to the earlier generation of coils, this leading-edge in all respects series has 5 working frequencies (earlier versions have only 4 frequencies) and can operate on 30 possible variations from 27.7 kHz to 3.7 kHz inclusive.

XP Deus metal detector with a control box and a standard Double-D 22 cm search coil is professional hardware designed to search for all targets. High rate of response to metal, great detection depth and phenomenal experience in searching are waiting for the searcher, who decides to buy this unique in all respects metal detector!

Moreover, all coils of this new series have special forced Booster mode, which is designed to help the treasure hunter to search for ferrous or nonferrous metals at the maximum possible depths.

A small-sized control interface and a graphic display are provided for in the control box. They help setting start parameters and visually control incoming information. The settings hierarchy is not complex. The settings are simple and clear.

On the back of the control box there is a hidden miniature speaker, which emits different tones or a special polyphonic sound when a metal target is detected. On the outer side of the control box there is a port for wired headphones with a standard mini-Jack 1/8" connector.

You can also connect wireless WS4 or WS5 headphones and enjoy wireless comfort!

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