Minelab Equinox 800 Success Stories

Minelab Equinox 800 Success Stories

Posted by on 14th Sep 2020

Among our high-quality metal detectors is the renown Minelab metal detector series, which has diverse type of devices that will blow your mind and encourage you to start your hunting experience for valuable items.

Read below some of the best findings using Minelab Metal Detectors:

Dream Day Detecting

On September 8th, a young man decided to go for a hunting quest after spending his quarantine days isolated at home. His spent his two first days getting to know his device, which Minelab Equinox 800, which was not a waste of time as he came across a life-changing discovery. On his 3rd day of hunting, he found 7 hammered coins, artifacts and knights Templar lead shield. Pleased by his discovery, he called his wife to join him who also found a big hammered. Their first two days discovering the Equinox 800 was not a waste of time, which made them found valuable items. They both described that day as “Dream Day Detecting”.

2 Thousand BC Razor

On a lovely Autumn Evening, Stevie decided to go out discovering a field that was part of an old river in Scotland. He had just purchased his Equinox 800 and was excited to try it. He headed south for 6 minutes when he got a signal from his metal detector. He first thought it was an Arrow head, but then realized that it was a Razor. It was sharp on the edge with a patina that turns from grey to green. When he got home, he contacted an archeologist who informed him that it was a Bronze Razor that dated about 2thought BC. He declared his finding to the National Museum who will purchase it from him on October 10th. He will make a fortune out of his discovery using Equinox 800.