Garrett ACE 300i takes you to the treasure

Garrett ACE 300i takes you to the treasure

Posted by on 20th Sep 2020

How many stories have you heard about treasure discoveries? Doesn’t feel exciting to hear about gold and jewelry findings? Well, you might be as lucky as all those people who made a fortune and became famous when jumping into metal detecting. Garrett Metal Detectors is a reputable brand that received many great reviews for its high-quality devices. Its devices are practical, versatile, and easy to use. All you have to do is take time to get familiar with your metal detector. Once you do, you will become unstoppable, and ready to find treasures, same as you will read on these success stories.

On July 23rd, Mario grabbed her Garrett Ace 300i to a dry river which was part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Mario is a metal detector enthusiast who loves exploring new grounds and making discoveries. On the 23rd of July, she made an exceptional discovery which not only made her rich, but also famous. While scanning the ground with her Garrett Ace 300i, she came across a leather bag with coins that might have fallen from the belt of some pilgrim when crossing the river. The bag was buried in the mud, which has protected it from decomposition. When she opened it, she was surprised by what was inside the bag; 32 coins of medieval origins.

The best thing about these experiences is that you can enjoy every step of the quest when you have the right metal detector. You can explore the chosen area for the search and be amazed about how your metal detector facilitates your experience. Garrett Metal Detectors are very practical for both beginners and experts, and will let you have an enjoyable experience you will never forget. Most importantly, Garrett Metal Detectors will provide you with high quality performance and modern design.