AT Max

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The Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector is one of the most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detectors on the market today. With increased detection depth, built-in Z-Lynk Wireless Technology, and many other improvements, the AT MAX helps treasure hunters push their limits to the MAX! You can use the AT Max on land in freshwater or in saltwater. Wireless or not! Your choice.


  • Warranty: Protected by a 2-year limited warranty
  • More controls: All easily accessible with a single finger while searching
  • Larger screen numbers: Target digital ID number, Iron Discrimination, Number, etc.
  • Backlight: Illuminates the LCD screen for better visibility in low light situations
  • True All Metal Mode: Detects all types of metal and provides the greatest possible depth of detection and sensitivity
  • Volume Control: Built-in volume adjustment allows for detector volume control when operating without headphones
  • Maximum Detection Depth: Higher transmitting power and improved electronics provide AT Max with significant depth increase
  • Optimized Frequency: AT Max's 13.6 kHz operating frequency provides excellent detection on a wide range of targets, including silver coins, gold jewelry, and brass relics
  • Built-in Z-Lynk Wireless technology ™: Cut the cable! Integrated Circuits Transmits audio to your wireless headset - six times faster than Bluetooth speed! Automatic pairing. No cables and no interference from other wireless devices
  • High-resolution ground balance: Automatic and manually adjustable for best performance Includes 175 land balance resolution points that allow AT Max to handle both conductive soils (such as saltwater beaches) and highly mineralized soils
  • Automatic ground balance window ™: Garrett's unique feature will simultaneously reduce the ground balance to a range of values to help overcome localized terrain variations. By reducing subtle ground responses, the automatic ground balance window softens the detector's audio and allows the user to hear weak targets

Accessories included from the factory:

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 8.5x11" Coil Cover
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • PROformance 8.5x11" DD search coil
  • NEW Garrett MS Wireless Headset-3™ Z-Lynk

>>All information as per manufacturer<<