ACE 300i

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GARRETT Ace 300 Metal Detector
With PROformance 7x10" search coil
Enhance your treasure hunting experience with Garrett's ACE 300 Metal Detector! This all-purpose metal detector was built with enhanced features for the enthusiast at an affordable price. With five separate search modes to help treasure hunters find lost coins, jewelry, and even relics. The digital identification on the control box quickly determines what is buried under the user's feet so they canchoose whether or not to dig it up.
The ACE 300 operates at a frequency of 8 kHz for greater depth penetration and to allow you to detect targets high conductivity such as silver. The frequency of the device canbe adjusted for mineralization of the soil and avoid garbage if the user so wishes. In fact, the ACE 300 has four different segments of iron discrimination to help the treasure seeker find exactly what you're looking for.
As an added bonus, Garrett has even included stem locks in the device to make it more stable. Users no longer have to worry about a metal detector collapsing while you're in the field. As such, Garrett is so confident that treasure hunters will love this cheap but high-quality device that they include a two-year limited warranty to help keep their investment safe.

  • Frequency: Operates at a frequency of 8 kHz
  • Total weight: Weighs 2.8 lb (1.27 kg)
  • Warranty: Includes a 2-year limited warranty
  • Construction: Includes Camlock for rugged stem construction
  • Soil Mineralization: Automatically adjusts for soil mineralization
  • Audio: Provides crisp, responsive audio with pulse-width modulation
  • Button Controls - Restore factory or user settings with one-touch controls
  • Continuous coin depth indicator: Coin depth indicator determines the depth of a target digital target ID: indicates the properties of a target with a target digital ID scale ranging from 0 to 99
Accessories included from the factory:
  • PROformance 7x10" search coil
  • Coil cover
  • Hardware package
  • Arm Rest Bracelet
  • Rain and dust cover
  • Manual instruction
  • ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones
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