ACE 200i

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GARRETT Ace 200 Metal Detector 
Immerse yourself in the vast world of treasure hunting with the Garret ACE 200 metal detector! This device is perfect for beginners looking to get their hands dirty and detect metals for the first time. Garrett has included a target digital ID function in the device that provides a reading corresponding to the specific type of metal buried beneath the ground. This allows the treasure hunter to identify what they are going to dig up even before they put a shovel in the ground. The ACE 200 canalso help determine the depth of a target and provide the user with target clear and easy to understand signals as they do so.

Garrett has removed all stops in the construction of the ACE 200 and included cam locks to safely stabilize the metal detector rod. This device is perfect for entry-level prospecting and relic hunting, as well as wading dry beaches and freshwater. It's even great for those who want to try their luck to find coins and jewelry! For the budding treasure hunter using a metal detector for the first time, the ACE 200 is a perfect travel companion and backyard companion.

  • Total weight: Weighs 2.7 lb (1.2 kg).
  • Warranty: Includes a 2-year limited warranty.
  • Frequency: Operates at a frequency of 6.5 kHz.
  • Target Digital ID: Target Digital ID scales from 0 to 99.
  • Soil Mineralization: Automatically adjusts for soil mineralization
  • Audio: Provides crisp, responsive audio using pulse-width modulation.
  • Construction: Stabilized with Cam locks for sturdy rod construction.
  • Coin depth indicator: Determines the depth of a coin target with a coin depth indicator.
  • Button Controls - Restore factory or user settings with one-touch controls.
Accessories included from the factory:
  • Hardware package.
  • The Owner's Manual.
  • PROformance 6.5x9" search coil.
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