3D Ground Navigator 2.0

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3D Ground Navigator is a modern 3d ground scanner and metal detector that has been manufactured by OKM Metal Detectors from Germany. The detector has been developed according to very specific customer demands. It is a high-performant geophysical detection instrument to locate buried artifacts, lost treasures, subsurface anomalies, underground utilities as well as other hidden structures. It provides nondestructive examination methods to render graphical images of subterranean targets before excavation.

The control unit of 3D Ground Navigator is operated with an internal battery that lasts for about 24 hours. If you need to extend this operating time, you can also use the optional Power Pack which lasts for about 48 hours.

The ground scanner supports following operating modes:

  • Magnetometer to find any kind of ferromagnetic materials.
    This is some kind of quick pre-scan that allows removing trash from the surface before conducting a real 3D Ground Scan or metal discrimination (pinpointer).
  • 3D Ground Scan to conduct a real 3D scan for underground treasures that can be rendered in Visualizer 3D Software to get detailed information of the hidden targets like size, depth and position.
  • Pinpointer to determine the kind of material (ferromagnetic metals, precious metals or voids).

The ground scanner comes with a very unique Super Sensor that is able to see even small metallic objects under the ground. Additionally, this Super Sensor has a LED orbit to visualize hidden objects in real-time.

The 3D Ground Navigator has been manufactured by OKM Germany according to our customers’ demands. We are proud to be distributor of this unique metal detecting device and we will support our customers with all information that are necessary to operate this detector.

Visualization with OKM 3D Software

Along with the 3D Ground Navigator comes OKM’s original Visualizer 3D Software that allows 3D representations of underground targets. For additional in-depth analyses of conducted ground scans the user of the 3D Ground Navigator ground scanner can transfer the stored scan images wirelessly to a PC.

Then those files can be opened by OKM’s Visualizer 3D software to optimize, measure and improve the recorded scan data. The visualization software already proved its capabilities.
Many treasure finds, buried artifacts as well as other hidden objects have been located by evaluating measurements with Visualizer 3D.

The following functionality is included in the Visualizer 3D software:

  • Characterize scan images with details like description, area dimensions and soil conditions
  • Measuring position, size and depth of localized treasures, artifacts and the like
  • Selection of preconfigured soil types for depth measurement
  • Variable render and display options (wireframe, resolution, colors, …)
  • Automatic and manual correction of erroneous signals (caused by probe inclination during recording)
  • Color filtering

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