1500 Smart

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MWF 1500 Smart Long Range Metal Detector Device
MF 1500 SMART, specialist in detection and exploration of underground resources and minerals, gold, minerals, water, precious stones, diamonds, hollows, and cavities.
This device is the latest and most advanced scientific technology, running on operating systems and intelligent detection (Intelligent Technology) for the first time and exclusively in MWF GROUP.
MF 1500 Smart is a multi-function multi-sensor device, which gives the explorer high-precision results over the targets subways with drilling points for the target and depth, backed by intelligent operating systems, giving the user a complete and quick adjustment of the device's programs without problems.
MF 1500 Smart also has multiple languages, so either can be used and can be managed easily, with data and integrated results on the point target and the perforation, as well as to determine the depth and size of the target.
  • 4 Systems in 1
  • Depth: 40 meters
  • Depth for water detection: 450 meters
  • Distance: 2000 meters
Forms of detection:
  • Through the orientation towards the location of the target accompanied by sound + visual + alerts.
  • Through sound, LED indicators, and vibrations.
  • Indicators of graphic data, sound, oscilloscope, and signal strength, on the screen. 
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